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Gusseted: Side gussets provide extra room for irregular shaped items. Bags feature expandable sides and a fitted bottom. Clear bags meet FDA and USDA requirements. Dimensions listed are the interior usable space of the bag. Close bags with twist ties, bag tape or impulse sealer. Contact us for further details & information
White Block: These bags have been chosen for their ability to rival any reclosable bag and offer savings. Features large white writing area that accepts either marker or pen. These tough bags employ a reinforced side-welded zipper to lock in single smooth motion. Made of 100% virgin Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) resin that meets FDA/USDA specifications. Contact us for further details & information
Bags on a roll: These pre-opened poly bags are open on one side for easy product inserting and perforated on the back for easy tear-off. These pre-opened plastic bags are ideal for high volume packaging operations. Compatible with all automated packaging machines like Autobag, Sharp, Titan, and Advanced Poly. Linear low density Metalocine also ensures better heat seals when used with our semiautomated bagging machines. All of our Pre-Opened Bags on Roll Meet FDA and USDA requirements. As with any of our Poly Bags, custom printing and sizes are always available. Contact us for further details & information

Shrink Film Bags, Rolls & Equipment: Rewrap open or damaged packages! 500 ft. roll, 75-gauge PVC film for use with Shrink Wrap Systems.
We offer you a huge selection of Shrink Wrap Films, Bar Sealers, Bag Sealers, Impulse Sealers, Tamper Evident Shrink Bands, Shrink Tubing, Shrink Bags, Poly and Cellophane Bags, High Speed Shrink Wrapping L-Sealer & Shrink Tunnel Systems, Vacuum Chambers and Vacuum Pouches, Sealer tapes, Non-Stick tapes and cloths for heat sealing applications (PTFE), Heating Elements for nearly ANY heat sealing application, as well as Shrink Wrapping Supplies. Contact us for further details & information

Sealers: Creates an air and water tight seal quickly without having to wait for unit to warm up. Place poly-bag, tubing or any other heat sealable material between sealing bars, press handle down and release. The timing light indicates when seal is complete. Teflon coated long life sealing surface. Sealer with cutter seals and cuts in one application. Contact us for further details & information
High Clarity Polyproylene: 100% Virgin high clarity polyethylene film. Meets FDA and USDA specifications for food contact. Most recommended bag for storing parts, clothing and food products. Sizes listed are inside dimensions of the bag. Close bags with heat sealers, bag tape or twist ties. Contact us for further details & information

Cloth Bags: produce and supplies green reusable bags to save ecology and global warming. Reusable bags are made of 100% cotton cloth, jute and burlap.
Carry reusable cloth bags for everyday shopping. This is an easy and practical daily choice, the hardest part is remembering to take cloth bags with you to the store. Practice helps, and so does leaving a set with your vehicle at all times. Most households use ten bags per week. If each American household used two fewer bags per week, we could prevent the needless destruction of nine million trees every year. Contact us for further details & information

Retail Bags: Retail packaging is the key to making your retail products sell. You can create enticing product display areas with many of these bags. Another advantage to our retail bags is the ability to imprint your logo or name on them. Advertising your salon or store and promote brand awareness. Create custom looks unique just to you. Contact us for further details & information
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